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Handhelds in Education

Teacher Resources
Palm Company Home
Berrien Springs Learning Without Limits - Handheld Project w/ 7th Graders
Hi-CE's Palm Pages from the Center for Highly Interactive computing in Education at the University of Michigan (Elliott Soloway) - downloadable collection of free PDA applications for the classroom
Kathy Schrock - Power in the Palm of Your Hand
101 Uses for Handhelds from K12 Handhelds
Plano - computing for every student
Learning in Hand/Planet 5th - Mr. Vincent's 5th graders create QuickTime videos online on how to use the Palm
Links to schools using PDAs and Lesson Plans
Palm Source
Palm Company Home
Palm Source
Palm Trainer handouts
Palm Trainer resources

Handheld Tutorials
K 12 Handhelds - learning resource
Arkansas Tech University     Palm Lesson Plans
Nearly Mobile - tips & hints
PDA ED Tutorials
Tips from PalmGear
The Educator's Palm - Fingertips!
How Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) Work

Online Services
Palmnet - Palm wireless service for the Palm 7 series - send e-mail, get stock quotes, be in contact almost anywhere 888-756-PALM(7256)
GoAmerica wireless connectivity for Palm III and V series - browse the web virtually anywhere - 888-462-4600
Yahoo Messenger on your Palm ( from Yahoo Mobile)
Pendragon Forms 3.2 - professional database development tool - create forms with drag-and-drop on the Internet and download them for your palm (Will work with ODBC and Oracle) 847-816-9660
XTNDConnectServer to support and integrate handhelds in your IT environment 800-235-7576 ext 6620

Small Sites (PDA Friendly Web Sites)
Small Sites

Freeware & Shareware Websites 
ZD Net
Palm Gear

Assessment Applications
Assessa Desktop Pro for Palm - an anytime, anywhere assessment solution; software and services, providing the building blocks to improve the education process and student performance, to better understand how students learn. To facilitate testing, survey processing, test and cognitive data warehousing, data analysis, and reporting.
LearnerProfile 3.0 (Sunburst Communications, Inc.) - assessment tool that enable teachers to plan, organize and review observations about students' progress and the work they produce. Collected observations can then be transferred into the computer for analysis and reporting. Version 3.0 includes modules for observations, gradebook, and attendance; Learner Profile (desktop) Single Copy, $299.95, Lab Pack of 5 $899.95; Learner Profile to Go (Palm) Single Copy $99.95, Lab Pack of 5 $299.95; 1-800-321-7511

Student Management Applications
4.0 Student - $29.99 + subscription
Locker (elementary) - Freeware
Steps by Sarah Wood - track incidents of discipline problems on your Palm handheld. Uses a "strike one, two, three" metaphor - FREE (only available on this CD - author-created for personal use)
Palm Gradebook Assistant by Excelsior Software, Inc. - utility based on Excelsior's Gradebook2; allows teachers to edit and maintain subsets of student assignment and attendance information using their Palm handheld computer; Excelsior's Network, Site, Pinnacle Lite, and Pinnacle products - $495; 50 user license (or 5 pack for $75) Single User edition (as on CD $15; Gradebook2 $50 if downloaded, $80 purchased direct w/CD (This totals $65 for download or $95 for direct w/CD)
Teachers PET by Coffee Pot Software - Teachers PET (Portable Educator's Toolkit) is designed for teachers, by a teacher. Teachers PET offers grading, attendance, and contact info. Keep tabs on up to 10 classes at a time. Easy to use - Shareware reg. $19.95
TeachFile by Eddie Soft provides total classroom management, tracking assignments in weighted categories, attendance, and general status information. Generate and export 11 detailed reports, including net weighted grades, for individuals or classes in this sophisticated grading application - Single User TeachFile: $12.95; Site License TeachFile: Contact EddieSoft for site license [email protected]

Social Studies Applications
AvantGo - Freeware
CityZen - Freeware
Herbert's 50 States - $14.95
Herbert's Presidents - $14.95
Mapopolis - Download app free +$14.95 subscription for maps
PiCoMap - Freeware (wide-screen version available for AlphaSmart Dana)
Quizzler - $14.50 for Pro Version
Sketchy - Freeware (wide-screen version available for AlphaSmart Dana)
US Constitution & Data Viewer
Learn World Geography

Math/Science Applications
Ecological Footprint Builder - Freeware
Vernier DataPro (use with LabPro interface & LoggerPro software for computer; sensors & probes - lesson plans available
ImagiMath Suite has ImagiGraph for plotting and parametric equations, ImagiCalc; and imagisolve a worksheet and equation solver - $39
GeoPro - calculates area, volume, perimeter of shapes - $9.99
Math Class - basic drills - $15
One Plus One calculator - $19.95
PowerOne Scientific - advanced math functions - $19.95
CalcWrite - $19.95
Student ToolBox from Internet Coach - $19.95
Tesselations- Freeware
Geney - Freeware
BubbleBlasters - Freeware
Planetarium - Freeware
Sierpinski Gasket - Freeware

Early Elementary Applications
ANI Learn Together - early literacy skills in English and Spanish - $9.95
Alphabet Rhyme Time - $5
CopyWrite - handwriting - $29.95
TealPaint - Fine Arts Applications Sketchy - Freeware $17.95
MiniMusic Suite (includes Beat Pad & Note Pad) free downloads of others available also, including BugBand, SpinPad, SynthPad, & Ear Train - $54.95
NoteTrain - identify notes on staff - $12.00
M-Tools, McChords, EarTrainer, Metronome . . . - Shareware
SimonSayz - Freeware

Misc Applications

eHomeRoom - web-based application allows schools and teachers to easily enter schedule and classroom information for easy viewing by students & parents via Internet or Palm handheld computer. Licenses on annual license fee basis @ approx. $1.00-$1.50 per student based on enrollment size. Annual license fees include all hosting, 7 day a week support and all base-product upgrades; discounts for Districtwide implementation - 1-888-603-8464
Field Trip Planner by APTE, Inc. - field trip permission slips, emergency & chaperone contacts, transportation & safety needs, "buddy" assignments - all at your fingertips in one convenient place - $9.95 per single user license (requires Booster.prc (340K)
ThoughtManager for Education from HandsHigh Software - allows users to organize their thoughts on their Palm handhelds; collapsible arrows and drag and drop text features create an easy way to

"Must-Have" Peripherals, Accessories & Applications
Grant Street Software: GSS SD Deploy! - configure groups of handhelds via SD card; GSS PDA Manage - configure and make changes to Palms for classroom use
iTemp temperature monitoring Palm OS software
VeoPhoto camera for Palm (640X480)
Palm Pilot Robot Kit
eBeam Imageport
High-speed LAN and Internet access products - 408-468-0400 ext 103
PalmPrint and CatScan scanner software 800-823-4279
JAWZ DataGator protects your information - encrypts the data - 888-391-5279
DataViz Documents To Go $69.95
QuickOffice $29.95

eBook Readers
Bible Reader
Cspot Run
Guten Palm (Weasel Reader)
Mobipocket Universal Reader
Palm Reader
Peanut Reader
Qvadis Express Reader
Read Them All Free
Microsoft ebook Reader (for Pocket PC only)

eBook Content for Handhelds
Adobe eBooks Central
Barnes and Noble
Ebook Crossroads
Electronic Books in Libraries (Univ. of Rochester)
The PDA Librarian
Project Gutenberg
Slate eBooks (Pocket PC only)
Time Warner iPublish
TealPoint Software
University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center

Curriculum & Implementation 
Handheld Devices in the Classroom
Handheld Learning - newsletter
Concord Consortium
Mobile Technology
Shari's Recommended Palm Apps
Using Handheld Technologies in Schools
uSight - Ubiquitous technology in education
Handango - software applications for PDAs
Palm Webring
All About Handhelds
Idea Bank Using Palms
Success Stories Using Palms
Using Palm OS Handhelds Within the Curriculum
Education applications (Shari)

Handheld Computing Journals 
Computing Unplugged - UK Mobile Computing Magazine
PalmPower Magazine
Palm Tipsheet
PDA Street - Visor Street, Palm Street, different Palm OS handhelds
Palm Info Center - News, reviews, chat, surveys
Palm Boulevard Newsletter
Collection of articles
Handheld Computing
The Handheld Educator (T + L Journal Archives)

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